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Pipeline Politics: A Proposed Turkmenistan – Europe Connection

Courtesy of STRATFOR (subscription required), an interesting analysis of a proposed Turkmenistan – Europe pipeline: Turkmen President Gurbanguly Berdimukhamedov (R) attends the opening ceremony at a refinery in Samandepe on Dec. 14, 2009. Summary The crisis in Ukraine has heightened Europe’s interest in diversifying energy supplies away from Russia, and the long discussed Trans-Caspian pipeline […]

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North Korea: An Emerging Regional Crossroads

Courtesy of STRATFOR (subscription required), an interesting analysis of North Korea’s potential as a regional crossroads in Asia: North Korea has attracted increased attention in recent weeks, less for its nuclear potential or missile tests and more for its potential as a transportation and energy corridor. On April 18, the lower house of Russia’s parliament ratified […]

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How The Kurds Got Their Way: New Transitional Zones of Economic Cooperation In The Middle East

Via Foreign Affairs, an interesting report on the emergence of Keep on truckin’: guarding fuel trucks in Haj Umran, Iraqi Kurdistan, July 2010. The surge of ethnic and sectarian strife in Syria and across the Middle East has led a number of analysts to predict the coming breakup of many Arab states. This potential upending […]

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Dangote Group: Expanding On Concrete Foundations

Via The Economist, an interesting look at Nigeria’s Dangote Group’s efforts to expand across Africa: THERE are 21 monster lorries at the Dangote Cement quarry in Obajana (pictured), a three-hour drive from Abuja, Nigeria’s capital. Their cargo of limestone boulders gives off a bleach-white glow in the hot sun. As big as they are, the […]

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Angola: Still Too Oily

Courtesy of The Economist, a detailed look at Angola’s need to diversify its oil economy: A new Luanda sprouts up under the old one FROM the top of the Fortaleza de São Miguel, a 16th-century Portuguese citadel that once dominated the Angolan capital, you see an army of cranes erecting high-rise offices, fancy hotels and […]

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Development Via Regional Integration – Mongolia’s Chance For A Prosperous Future

Via the Asian Development Bank, a look at how Mongolia could boost its economy through careful regional integration: Regional integration offers Mongolia the opportunity for a more prosperous future. But the country has lagged in this effort, which is surprising given its geographical location where bold integration initiatives have been launched, such as the People’s […]

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