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Covid’s Impact On African Countries’ Plans to Fuel Economic Growth with Oil and Gas

Via Quartz, an article on Covid’s impact upon several African countries’ plans to fuel economic growth with oil and gas: When coronavirus forced the world into lockdown, it punched a hole in global oil demand and sent prices crashing to historic lows. The result was an overnight fiscal catastrophe for oil-dependent African economies like Nigeria that were accustomed […]

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The Digital Silk Road

Via Forbes, a report on China’s efforts to build a digital Silk Road: The Digital Silk Road is one of the flagship projects in China’s Belt & Road Initiative The Digital Silk Road As one of China’s grand proposals within the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), the Digital Silk Road (DSR) project was introduced in […]

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Pakistan Seeks Relief From China Over Belt and Road

Courtesy of The Financial Times (subscription required), a report on Pakistan’s efforts to renegotiate repayment after claiming costs of power plants were inflated Pakistan is trying to renegotiate Belt and Road repayments after it alleged that Chinese companies had inflated power project costs by billions of dollars. The renegotiation talks began after Islamabad released a […]

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China’s Palace Diplomacy In Africa

Via War on the Rocks, an interesting article on Last year, the world’s fifth least-developed country, Burundi, inaugurated a $22 million presidential palace. In Zimbabwe, whose economy the World Bank believes contracted by nearly 8 percent last year, a six-story, $100 million parliament building is nearing completion. The Liberian government, which oversees the world’s ninth least-developed country, is adding two new […]

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Perspectives on North Korea’s Economy

Via North Korean Economy Watch, commentary on the current state of North Korea’s economy: Sanctions and Covid-19 have fused together to put the North Korean economy in what can only reasonably be described as an awful situation. Trade first plummeted through sanctions, and then even further because of North Korea’s and China’s anti-Covid19 measures. And […]

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Central Asian Gas Exports to China: Beijing’s Latest Bargaining Chip?

Via The Foreign Policy Research Institute, commentary on how China is using its natural gas purchases to influence Central Asia: Natural gas supplies to the People’s Republic of China have helped drive Central Asia’s economic growth for the last decade. For no country is this more true than for Turkmenistan: over 90 percent of Turkmenistan’s […]

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