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Why African Countries are Turning their Backs on Loans from Beijing

Via The Africa Report, a look at why African countries are turning their backs on loans from Beijing: Chinese companies are no longer the end-all, be-all of international funds for several African countries, including the DRC, Zambia, Angola and Cameroon. A new power dynamic is taking shape, with China keeping a more discreet presence by […]

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Cameroon’s Douala Port: Organized Crime’s Access Point To Illicit Global Markets

Via Daily Maverick, an article on Cameroon’s Douala port keeps organised crime afloat through massive access to illicit global markets In May 2023, a customs official in Douala, Cameroon stamped a shipment of timber for export from the Central African Republic (CAR) to China. It seemed like a routine load, an everyday part of international […]

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Power Ship Company that Cut Electricity in African Cities Eyes Expansion

Via Semafor, an article on Karpowership’s plans to grow its African footprint: A Turkish company whose floating power ships switched off the electricity supply to two of Africa’s poorest cities in recent months says it is in talks with six more countries to expand across the continent. But critics argue it only provides a short […]

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Wagner Group’s Central African Financial Model

Courtesy of The Africa Report, an investigation into how Wagner – from gold to coffee, wood to spirits – has made the Central African Republic and Cameroon the backbone of a network of companies whose profits are worth millions of euros: Yevgeny Prigozhin’s mercenaries are notably exploiting the Ndassima mine in the Central African Republic, […]

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Cameroon: Investing In Central Africa’s Melting Pot

Courtesy of The Exchange, a look at Cameroon’s investment potential: Boasting vast untapped opportunities, Cameroon is a viable investment destination with key sectors teeming with the potential to attract significant and worthwhile investments. According to forecasts by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), GDP growth is expected at 4.5 percent for 2022, and 4.8 percent from […]

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New Chinese-Built Freeway In Cameroon To Drive Growth

Via China Daily, a report on a new Chinese-built freeway in Cameroon: A newly opened Chinese-built freeway in southwestern Cameroon better links people and freight to a deep seaport, will boost the development of the local industrial zone, expand the country’s freeway network, enhance the local economy and improve ties between China and African countries. […]

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