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The Phoenician Problem: Lebanon’s Tourism Boom

Via The Economist, a look at Lebanon’s tourism boom: It could be any luxury hotspot on the Mediterranean. The four-hour flight from Dubai, the region’s financial hub, may cost $1,000 each way. Holidaymakers fork out over $450 for hotel rooms, $100 for plates of grilled fish. Day-passes to beach clubs can cost 25% of the […]

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How Lebanon Can Unlock Its Oil and Gas Wealth

Courtesy of Foreign Policy, an article on a new maritime deal with Israel could be an economic lifeline for Lebanon—if the government in Beirut can get its act together: On Oct. 27, 2022, Israel and Lebanon signed a breakthrough agreement establishing a permanent maritime boundary between them in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. The two countries have technically been […]

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Don’t Let Politics Kill the Lebanon-Israel Gas Deal

Via Foreign Policy, an article on a U.S.-brokered maritime border agreement that could have profound effects on the entire Middle East: Last month, we visited a Hezbollah tunnel on the Israeli-Lebanese border as part of a bipartisan group of Middle East experts. Dug almost a football field deep—with twisting staircases, advanced lighting, and oxygen cables—the tunnel’s […]

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Dropped Call: Massive Hike In Lebanon’s Cell Service Fees

Courtesy of The Washington Post, a report on the impact that a massive hike in cell service fees has had upon Lebanon’s poor: Shopping for grapes at Beirut’s wholesale market to resell from her produce cart, an exhausted Rawaa Ghosn described how another layer of her increasingly tenuous life was peeled away after she had […]

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Rising Prices and Political Instability in Lebanon, Iran and Sudan

Via Politics Today, a look at how Lebanon, Iran and Sudan are all suffering from a lack of energy sources, but these are merely underlying causes of a larger issue: their real struggle will be in overcoming rampant inflation: Political instability has arisen around the world, driven by rising costs, food insecurity, and current effects of […]

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Five Significant MENA Belt And Road Projects

Via Silk Road Briefing, a look at some significant MENA-based BRI projects: The MENA region – the Middle-East and North Africa – has also been targeted as part of Beijing’s Belt & Road Initiative, with greater interconnectivity and supply chains to much needed oil and gas reserves being put in place. The MENA region has vast […]

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