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Bangladesh Will Be Amongst Top 3 Fastest Growing Economies Globally Through 2050

Via Frontrera News, a report on Bangladesh’s growing economic presence: Bangladesh (FM) has been seeing its economic prowess grow. Its economic growth stood at 7.11% for fiscal year 2015-16 – higher than the 7.05% projected earlier by the government. This was also the first time its economic growth stood above the 7% mark. In the […]

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Ethiopia To Become The Leading Economy In East Africa

Via Coast Week, a report on Ethiopia’s economic prowess: Kenyan media outlets have it well covered recently that Ethiopia is about to overtake Kenya and become the leading economy in East Africa. Building on decade-long double-digit growth catalyzed by enormous government spending on infrastructure, the size of the Ethiopian economy, in terms of Gross Domestic […]

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Business in Conflict Zones: Libya Outlook

Via Frontier Strategy Group, commentary on opportunities in Libya: All eyes are on Libya as some positive headlines have come out of the country over the past several months. ISIS was driven out of its stronghold in Sirte in December 2016; oil production more than doubled from 300,000 barrels per day (bpd) to around 700,000 […]

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Why You Should Invest In Somalia

Via Frontera News, a look at the investment thesis for Somalia: Investing in Somalia might seem like a particularly crazy idea, after all the country is a byword for state failure and chaos. Civil war, piracy and terrorism have bedevilled the country for nearly 30 years and over time it has fragmented into several separate […]

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Afghanistan Struggles to Access China’s New Silk Road

Courtesy of the Wall Street Journal, a look at Afghanistan’s challenges to become part of the new Silk Road: A new railway between China and Afghanistan, part of Beijing’s Silk Road initiative to promote regional trade, has run into roadblocks in Uzbekistan, apparently over fears that it could also benefit terrorists. The first freight train […]

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Beyond The Headlines Of Terrorism, Pakistan’s Economy Is On The Rise

Via the Washington Post, a report on Pakistan’s economic vitality: Shortly after Egypt’s 2011 uprising ended with the fall of President Hosni Mubarak, prominent Egyptian investor Ahmed Heikal said: “If we get things right, we could be Turkey in 10 years. If we get them wrong, we could be Pakistan in 18 months.” Everyone understood the subtext: Turkey […]

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