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A False Steppe: Mongolia – Land Of Lost Opportunity?

Via the Wall Street Journal, a look at Mongolia Six years ago, nomadic farmer Ankhbayar Garamdagva followed the herd to this city on the fringe of the Gobi desert, hoping to share the riches promised to Mongolia by the global commodities boom. The 29-year-old father of two sold off all his livestock and borrowed money […]

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Looted Lender For Sale: Afghanistan Seeks Buyer For New Kabul Bank

Via Bloomberg, an interesting report on Afghanistan’s renewed efforts to sell New Kabul Bank: For sale: One bank with 114 branches in war-torn country; defrauded out of almost all its money; occasional target of terrorists. Ready to bid? That’s what Ashraf Ghani, president of Afghanistan, is hoping. He’s seeking a buyer for Kabul Bank, once the […]

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Djibouti: How A Forgotten Sandlot Of A Nation Has Become A Vibrant International Hub

Via Bloomberg, a detailed look at Djibouti: The bartender measures a shot of Johnnie Walker Red Label in a steel jigger and dumps it over ice. A waitress sets the glass on a tray and steers it through the dining room, where Abouye Wang, the restaurant owner, commands a booth in the back corner, elbows […]

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What Is Africa’s New Top Investment Destination?

Via the World Economic Forum, a look at African investment potential – on a macro scale: The difficult patch that Nigeria, the largest economy in Africa, is going through does not seem to be abating. According to a new Nielsen report (pdf) which provides a ranking of business prospects for leading markets in Sub Saharan Africa, Nigeria […]

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Iran’s Excellent Solar Power Potential

Via PressTV, a look at Iran’s solar potential: Iran’s climate ranges from arid to subtropical, and the country has lots of sunshine throughout the year, making solar power production quite viable there. (file photo) A German government research reveals ‘excellent’ opportunities for solar power generation in Iran. “Iran’s potential for PV (Photovoltaics) is extremely high, […]

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Emerging Market Star Performers

Courtesy of WorldFolio, a look at at some of the big movers and shakers across the emerging world in 2015 and the outlook for 2016 and beyond: 2015 was generally a year to forget for most emerging and frontier markets, however for a few exceptions it was also a year to break out the champagne. We […]

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