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China’s $540 Million Energy Deal With Taliban in Afghanistan: What Does It Mean?

Via The Geopolitics, an article on China’s $540 million energy deal with the Taliban in Afghanistan: The Taliban celebrated the signing of their first international deal since taking power in August 2021 with a televised event on January 5, 2023. The document signed is a contract for the exploitation of oil reserves in northern Afghanistan with a […]

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UAE Working On 26 Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreements

Via National News, a report that the UAE is working on 26 comprehensive economic partnership agreements with foreign countries: The UAE is working towards signing 26 comprehensive economic partnership agreements (Cepas) as it seeks to attract more investments and diversify its economy, said Abdulla bin Touq, UAE Minister of Economy. “We have already signed Cepas with India, Indonesia and […]

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Iran’s Currency Tumbles

Courtesy of the Wall Street Journal, an article on the collapse in Iran’s currency: Iran’s currency has plunged to record lows, posing a new challenge for the country’s clerical leadership following nationwide protests late last year. The Iranian rial has lost a fifth of its value since last week, hitting a low of 601,500 to […]

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How Algeria Aims To Boost Its Non-Oil Exports

Courtesy of The Africa Report, a look at Algeria’s efforts to diversify its exports: Between 2019 and 2022, international sales of sugar, oil, cement and steel quadrupled. Algiers is now hoping to make $10bn annually to accelerate its economy’s diversification. In these vast arid plains where no trees grow, there are endless rows of greenhouses […]

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Iraq Skiing: Double Black Diamond in the Rough

Courtesy of Air Mail, an article on how – for those brave souls willing to make the journey – the Iraq Ski Rally offers untouched slopes and striking vistas: About 330 winding, transmission-straining miles north of Baghdad’s Green Zone, in the autonomous Kurdistan region of Iraq, Iraqi Kurds, and a few foreigners, are re-discovering skiing […]

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North Korea Wants More Control Over Farming Amid Food Shortage

Via The Diplomat, a report that – as prospects for quickly resolving its food insecurity are dim – North Korea is restricting the operation of markets and devoting much of its scarce resources to its nuclear program: North Korean leader Kim Jong Un vowed to strengthen state control over agriculture and take a spate of […]

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