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If It Doesn’t Have A Starbucks, It’s A Frontier Market

Via Forbes, an interesting article on frontier markets by Alex Bernard of Schulze Global Investments: Hungry for higher returns and put off by sluggish growth and sky-high valuations in traditional emerging markets like Brazil, China and India, savvy investors have begun to sub-allocate a portion of their emerging market allocations towards frontier markets. But as frontier […]

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China’s Global Ambitions: Loans And Strings Attached

Courtesy of The New York Times, an interesting look at China’s investment in Ecuador and elsewhere, as it uses its economic clout to win diplomatic allies and secure natural resources around the world: Where the Andean foothills dip into the Amazon jungle, nearly 1,000 Chinese engineers and workers have been pouring concrete for a dam […]

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Key Frontier Markets Defy Gloom Over Global Economic Prospects

Via the Wall Street Journal, a look at frontier markets: People living in frontier markets are considerably more optimistic about their economic prospects than those living in the developed economies, research by the Pew Center has found. According to a study released today, the populations of two of the largest frontier markets—Vietnam and Nigeria—stand out […]

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Cuba Hoping To Kickstart Offshore Oil & Gas Industry

Via Stasha Macro World, an interesting look at Cuba’s effort to kickstart its offshore petroleum activities: The Cuban oil company Cubapetroleo, or Cupet, is close to a deal with Angola’s state-run Sonangol to get Cuba’s deepwater energy exploration program up and running three years after work was suspended because of failure to find any oil […]

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China: Betting On North Korea In Gamble To Save Its Rustbelt

Courtesy of Business Insider, an interesting look at China’s plans to utilize North Korea as part of its strategy to revitalize its NE rustbelt territory: At China’s very farthest limits, a town sandwiched between North Korea and Russia stands at the heart of Beijing’s plan to revitalise its bleak, frigid northeastern rustbelt. Beijing has a […]

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A Global Middle Class? Not Yet

Courtesy of Fast Company, an interesting report on the claim that a global middle class is emerging: People around the world are pulling themselves out of extreme poverty. But outside of China, it’s a big stretch to claim the middle class is thriving In recent years, we’ve heard a lot about the emergence of a […]

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