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The Chinese Base That Isn’t There

Courtesy of the New York Times, a look at how new port facilities and the months-long presence of Chinese warships in Cambodia show Beijing’s growing global influence: In 2020, something curious happened at Cambodia’s Ream military base, on the Gulf of Thailand. Not long after submitting — and then abruptly withdrawing — a request for […]

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The Middle East’s Oil Giants Have Entered the Critical Minerals Race

Courtesy of Foreign Policy, a look at how the Middle East hydrocarbon firms are ensuring they have a seat at the critical mineral table: Oil may be the lifeblood of many Middle Eastern economies, but some of the region’s biggest players are now setting their sights on another booming energy sector: critical minerals.  Minerals such […]

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The Winners From U.S.-China Decoupling

Via Foreign Policy, a report on how – from Malaysia to Mexico – some countries are gearing up to benefit from economic fragmentation: A full decoupling of the Chinese and Western economies could be a costly proposition. The International Monetary Fund estimates that it could shave around 7 percent off global GDP in the longer term, […]

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Malaysia’s King Bids to Revive Chinese-Backed ‘Dream Paradise’

Courtesy of The Financial Times, a report on the Malaysia’s king bid to revive a Chinese-backed ‘dream paradise’ –  the $100bn Forest City development on Malaysia’s southern coast aimed to provide homes for as many as 700,000 people: Malaysia’s billionaire king is trying to resuscitate a huge real estate project he helped launch in his […]

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How Mongolia’s Foreign Policy Can Bolster Critical Mineral Supply Chains

Via The Diplomat, a report on Mongolia’s significant opportunity to contribute to the regional and global energy transition by supplying key commodities: As governments worldwide try to reduce fossil fuel usage and CO2 emissions, critical minerals and their supply chains are ever-important. Mongolia’s vast natural resources combined with the government’s push to capitalize on its […]

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‘Will You Stop Exploring Yours?’: Latin America Forges Ahead on New Oil Frontier

Courtesy of The Guardian, a report on Latin America where about half the countries in the region are experiencing a rush in oil exploration that threatens the global drive to achieve net zero. But many argue that they have a right to enrich themselves in the same way the west has: His raised hands dirty […]

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