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The Horn Of Africa States: The Region Can Do Better

Via Eurasia Review, commentary on the Horn Of Africa States: The Horn of Africa States region commands the major waterway, which connects the Indian ocean to the Suez Canal including the chokepoint of Bab El Mandab Straits. It is a troubled region, which neighbors the economically rising West Asian states of the Saudi Arabia, Qatar, […]

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The Horn Of Africa States: Conflict, Crises, And Capitalism

Via Eurasia Review, commentary on the Horn of Africa: It is quite clear that there is an intense almost cut-throat competition for the Horn of Africa States region lately, involving major, middle and even regional powers. This is no longer ideological as was in the past between capitalism and communism but economic and access to […]

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Politics of Ports in the Horn: War, Peace and Red Sea Rivalries

Via African Arguments, a slightly dated but – given recent issues of shipping in the Red Sea – a highly relevant look at how national, regional and international competition over ports is shaping political alliances and enmities across the Red Sea zone: For over 25 years, maritime strategy and port development in the Red Sea […]

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The Horn Of Africa States: Is A Regional Bloc A Lost Cause?

Via Eurasia Review, rather sober commentary on the prospects for the Horn of Africa: It must certainly look that possibilities of a new regional block comprising the Horn of Africa States of Somalia, Ethiopia, Eritrea and Djibouti are fading. Ethiopia recently applied to join the BRICS grouping and its admittance is expected to be official […]

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Untapped Mining Potential in Africa Due To Political Instability: Top 4 Markets

Via The Business Year, a look at how – from the Horn of Africa to Madagascar – political instability has left enormous mining potential untapped: Africa is home to the largest reserves of known mineral resources, hosting considerable proven reserves of gold and other precious metals, rare earth elements, and phosphate, among much else. The […]

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Building Investment Pathways in the World’s Most Neglected Markets

Courtesy of ImpactAlpha, a look at the challenge of mobilizing capital for some of the world’s most neglected markets in Africa: “Mobilize” may be the word of the year for emerging markets investments. Africa alone needs an additional $100 billion annually for infrastructure development to meet climate and sustainable development goals. Some markets grapple with […]

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