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Iran Inks Agreements to Develop Six Oil Fields: Biggest Deals In Decades

Via BNA Intellinews, a report that Iran and Iraq are teaming up to develop the Masjed Soleyman field: Iran has signed what it calls “the biggest deals in a decade” to develop six oil fields in the south and the west, a week after entering into $20bn contracts to boost pressure in the colossal South Pars […]

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No Need for US Waiver to Build Gas Pipeline With Iran, Pakistan Says

Via VOA News, a report that Pakistan does not believe it needs a U.S. waiver to build a gas pipeline with Iran: Pakistan said Thursday that it does not need a waiver from U.S. sanctions to build its portion of a pipeline to import natural gas from Iran. “It is a segment of the pipeline […]

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The Scareometer: Assessing the Economic Threat Posed by the Anti-Western Axis of China, Russia, and Iran

Courtesy of The Economist, a look at how China, Russia and Iran are forging closer ties Vladimir Putin, Russia’s president, and Ebrahim Raisi, his Iranian counterpart, have several things in common. Both belong to a tiny group of leaders personally targeted by American sanctions. Even though neither travels much, both have been to China in […]

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How Sanctions Sank Iran’s Persian Gulf Tourism Dream

Via Nikkei Asia, a look at Iran’s failed Kish Island resort: A recent trip to Iran’s scenic Kish Island in the Persian Gulf was a stark reminder of the opposing currents pulling Iranian society in dramatically different directions. The biggest casualty here is the country’s failed Persian Gulf island tourism project, and a dream that […]

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From Moscow to Mumbai: Russia Pivots South for Trade

Courtesy of the New York Times, a look at how Russia – once dependent on Europe for trade – has been forging new routes that will allow it to skirt Western restrictions. A planned railway through Iran could be key for those ambitions. For centuries, trade with Europe was the main pillar of Russia’s economy. […]

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Iran, Algeria To Build Closer Energy, Tourism Ties

Via Al Monitor, a report on growing ties between Iran and Algeria: Iran and Algeria signed gas, tourism and other cooperation agreements on Sunday during Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi’s landmark visit to Algiers, further demonstrating the two countries’ efforts to boost relations amid increasing European interest in Algerian gas. Raisi was in Algeria for the Gas […]

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