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Somalia’s Potential Accession To The East African Community

Via Eurasia Review, commentary on Somalia’s potential membership in the East African Community: In a significant move signaling Somalia’s keen interest in integrating further with its East African neighbors, President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has dispatched his foremost diplomats to Nairobi. These delegates aren’t just representatives; they are specialists, divided into three teams to comprehensively address […]

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Planting A SEED: The Horn Of Africa States’ Development Prospects

Via Eurasia Review, commentary on the Horn of Africa states’ economic potential: We must once again revert back to the definition of the Horn of Africa States. It is the easternmost outcrop of Africa shaped like a horn and hence the name of the region, the Horn of Africa States. It consists of the four […]

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Somalia Hasn’t Printed New Cash Since 1991. Now A Top Priority

Via Bloomberg, an article on Somalia’s Central Bank’s priorities: The Central Bank of Somalia’s top priority is to reestablish the nation’s currency, which will enable it to take full control of monetary policy, its governor said. Somalia hasn’t printed new banknotes since descending into a civil war after the government collapsed in 1991. Most of […]

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Somaliland: External Investment, Intensifying Internal Competition

Via African Arguments, commentary on Somaliland and its drive to attract investment and economic growth: The de facto state of Somaliland has earned the reputation of an island of peace, democracy and stability in an otherwise tumultuous Horn of Africa region. Yet this narrative, carefully curated over more than three decades, threatens to come crashing […]

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Somaliland’s Oil Find Could Reset The Regional Balance

Via The Conversation, a report on how the presence of oil in Somaliland has raised the stakes in Somaliland’s claim for independence from Somalia as it holds the potential for a new stream of revenue for the semi-autonomous state: What is Somaliland’s hydrocarbon potential? In 2020, Norwegian seismic survey company, TGS, estimated that the Somali basin […]

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Should Somalia Fast-Track Its Membership To The EAC?

Courtesy of The Africa Report, a report on Somalia’s EAC membership strategy: Somalia’s geographical location and its citizen’s inherent entrepreneurial spirit to explore new markets have contributed to the country’s desire to join the EAC. Efforts to join the regional block started years back but stalled after the fall of the central government in 1991. […]

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