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The Horn Of Africa States: The Region Can Do Better

Via Eurasia Review, commentary on the Horn Of Africa States: The Horn of Africa States region commands the major waterway, which connects the Indian ocean to the Suez Canal including the chokepoint of Bab El Mandab Straits. It is a troubled region, which neighbors the economically rising West Asian states of the Saudi Arabia, Qatar, […]

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The Horn Of Africa States: Conflict, Crises, And Capitalism

Via Eurasia Review, commentary on the Horn of Africa: It is quite clear that there is an intense almost cut-throat competition for the Horn of Africa States region lately, involving major, middle and even regional powers. This is no longer ideological as was in the past between capitalism and communism but economic and access to […]

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The Horn Of Africa States: The Coming Danger To Its Blue Economy

Via Eurasia Review, commentary on the proposed East African Federation: The East African Federation is a proposition on the table. It is to be a union of the eight EAC members and any other member that would join it in the future into a single federated sovereign state. The current members include in Alphabetical order […]

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African Coastal Nations See Opportunities While Landlocked Pay The Price

Via The East African, an article on the opportunities seen by African coastal nations: Summary UNCTAD says long distances to the sea, poor road or railway have left these countries “with far higher bills to import and export goods by road and rail. In many places, poor infrastructure and border bureaucracy add time, cost and […]

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Answering the Call: Somalia’s Launch of 5G network Signals a Growing Economy

Courtesy of The Africa Report, an article on latest 5G network in Somalia: Hormuud Telecom, a leading telecommunications company in Somalia, has introduced its 5G services nationwide, providing individuals and businesses with advanced connectivity solutions that will have a significant positive impact on education, healthcare and local productivity. In an interview with The Africa Report, Ahmed Yusuf, […]

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Puntland to Operate Independently From Somalia After Law Change

Via Bloomberg, a report on Puntland and Somalia: Regional council says federal constitution illegally replaced Council wants referendum on changes to Somali constitution The oil-rich, semiautonomous region of Puntland said it will operate as a state that’s independent from Somalia until changes to the Somali constitution adopted on Saturday are approved via a popular referendum. […]

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