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Iraq Unveils $17 Billion Plan to Become Regional Transportation Hub

Via Tasnim News, a report on Iraq’s ambitions plans to become a regional transportation hub: Iraq presented an ambitious plan on Saturday to establish itself as a regional transportation hub by developing its road and rail infrastructure, connecting Europe with the Persian Gulf and other countries in West Asia. The $17 billion project, known as […]

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The Shell-Backed Gas Project Poised To Profit Iran

Courtesy of The Financial Times, an article on Shell’s Iraqi joint venture which will draw power from plant whose revenues mostly flow to a Tehran-based company: An Iranian company is the biggest beneficiary of a power plant poised to supply a Shell-backed gas project in Iraq, showing the pervasive presence of Tehran’s business interests in […]

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Iraq: Key Destination For Chinese Investment

Via Geo Politics in South Asia and MENA, a report on Chinese investment in Iraq: In recent years, Iraq has become one of the leading destinations for Chinese investments in the Middle East and a crucial link in Beijing’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). To capitalize on its geostrategic location and central position within the […]

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Iraq Skiing: Double Black Diamond in the Rough

Courtesy of Air Mail, an article on how – for those brave souls willing to make the journey – the Iraq Ski Rally offers untouched slopes and striking vistas: About 330 winding, transmission-straining miles north of Baghdad’s Green Zone, in the autonomous Kurdistan region of Iraq, Iraqi Kurds, and a few foreigners, are re-discovering skiing […]

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Iraq Economy Reels as U.S. Moves Against Money Flows to Iran

Courtesy of the Wall Street Journal, a report on the impact of recent New York Fed’s change in policy toward Iraqi dollar-denominated financial transactions:  Iraqis are blaming an unexpected culprit for a weakening currency that has caused the price of food and imported goods to rise: a little-noticed policy change by the U.S. Treasury and the Federal […]

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Iran Strengthens Political, Economic Hold Over Iraq

Via Oil & Gas Daily, an article on Iran’s growing influence over Iraq: Sanctions-hit Iran is consolidating its hold over neighbouring Iraq, an economic lifeline where pro-Tehran parties dominate politics, all to the chagrin of the United States, experts say. For years, Iraq has been caught in a delicate balancing act between its two main […]

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