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Cuba Hoping To Kickstart Offshore Oil & Gas Industry

Via Stasha Macro World, an interesting look at Cuba’s effort to kickstart its offshore petroleum activities: The Cuban oil company Cubapetroleo, or Cupet, is close to a deal with Angola’s state-run Sonangol to get Cuba’s deepwater energy exploration program up and running three years after work was suspended because of failure to find any oil […]

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Cuba Oil Production: Between A Rock And A Hard Place

Via the Financial Times, a short article on Cuba’s offshore oil ambitions: Cuba has found itself between a rock and a hard place in its quest to find oil in its territorial waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Several rocks and several hard places, in fact. After a discovery that failed to reach commercial proportions […]

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Russia and Cuba: Plans To Cooperate On Offshore Oil Exploration

Via The Financial Times, a report that Russia and Cuba have signed contracts that ”set the bases” for Russian oil company Zarubezhneft to search for oil in Cuba’s part of the Gulf of Mexico.  As the article notes: “…In its online edition, Communist Party newspaper Granma said four oil-related contracts had been signed during a […]

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Cuba’s Black Gold…

Via Energy Daily, details on Cuba’s recent efforts to negotiate oil exploration and production deals with Russia, China and Angola, with its focus on Moscow shaping up as the partnership that could make the communist island nation energy self-sufficient.  As the article notes: “…The Cuban oil industry’s venturing out into deep sea waters in the […]

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Cuba and Brazil: Cooperating on Offshore Exploration

As ably reported by the St. Petersburg Times, Brazilian president Inacio Lula da Silva recently signed an agreement between his country’s state oil company, Petrobras, and its Cuban counterpart, Cupet, to explore for oil in waters off Cuba’s north coast.  As the article notes: “…Details on the oil agreement have not yet been made public. […]

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Cuba Claims Much Larger Offshore Oil Reserves

Via BBC, an interesting report that Cubapetroleo, the state-owned Cuban oil company, recently announced that the country may have more than 20bn barrels of oil in its offshore fields – more than double the previous estimate and an amount that would place Cuba among the top 20 oil producing nations.  As the article notes: “…Cubapetroleo’s […]

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