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A Chinese Silk Road Comprised of Pipelines And Railroads

Via Window On Eurasia, an interesting look at Beijing’s active program to restore the eastern part of the Silk Road and tie Central Asia closer to China.  As the article notes: “…Moscow analyst Aleksandr Shustov describes both what China has been up to in this regard not only involving gas pipelines but also railways and […]

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No School of Hard NOCs For The New Seven Sisters

Courtesy of The Wall Street Journal, an interesting article on the latest ranking of global energy companies by market capitalization, which was dominated by state-backed national oil companies, or NOCs.   As the report notes: “…PetroChina tops the PFC Energy 50, toppling usual leader Exxon Mobil in a rerun of 2007. PetroChina hit the top 10 […]

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Rebuilding History: BRIC By BRIC

Courtesy of The Financial Times, an interesting historical look at the term BRIC and how it came to be.  While we primarily track black sheep markets even further off the radar than BRICs, this article is both entertaining and instructive: “…On the desk of Jim O’Neill, chief economist for Goldman Sachs, stand four flimsy flags. […]

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The Rest Has Risen…

Via Newsweek, an interesting look at the performance of emerging market indices in the past decade.  As the article notes: “…If you had any doubt about what Fareed Zakaria calls “the rise of the rest,” consider a new Bank of America Merrill Lynch report on the performance of emerging markets over the past decade. If […]

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China’s Search For Oil

Via Abu Dhabi’s The National, a look at China’s state-controlled enterprises efforts to secure oil and gas supplies wherever they can be obtained in order to feed the growing energy appetite of the world’s second-largest economy.  As the article notes: “…When the going gets tough, China goes shopping for energy assets. Last year, Beijing sent […]

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Syria-ous Investment Interest

Courtesy of The Wall Street Journal, an interesting report on Syria and western investors’ increasing interest in the country.  As the article notes: “…As Syria emerges from its diplomatic isolation, it is receiving emissaries from a surprising locale: Wall Street. Late last year a group of big-name investors—including Bill Miller of Legg Mason Capital Management […]

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