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Failed States = Frontier Investment Opportunities?

Via Impact Lab, a look at the latest failed states index and possible candidates for real frontier investment opportunities: “…The 10 states that fill out the top ranks of this year’s Failed States Index — the world’s most vulnerable nations — are a sadly familiar bunch. Shattered Somalia has been the No. 1 failed state […]

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The Tiger and Dragon Tussle Over Afghan Resources

Via The Financial Times, a look at the resource race in Afghanistan which pits India against China.  As the report notes: “…Unlikely as it may seem, war-torn Aghanistan is emerging as a battlefield in a quite different sort of conflict – the fight over natural resources between China and India. The poverty-stricken country is said […]

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Russia: An Energy Superpower?

Courtesy of Reuters, an interesting interview of Russia’s Energy Czar, Deputy Prime Minister Igor Sechin: ?“…Russian gas behemoth Gazprom (GAZP.MM) must raise its game by penetrating the swiftly growing markets of Asia after a fall in exports to European Union customers, Russia’s energy tsar told Reuters. Gazprom usually supplies a quarter of the European Union’s […]

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Iran Seeking Out Both The Asian and European Energy Markets

Via Energy Daily, a report on Tehran’s agreement on a $7 billion natural gas pipeline deal with U.S. ally Pakistan in defiance of Western efforts to bring its economy to its knees.  As the article notes: “…Iran is also gearing up to make a move to participate in the giant $11 billion Nabucco gas pipeline […]

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Africa’s Business Opportunity

Courtesy of The McKinsey Quarterly, an interesting report on Africa’s investment potential: “…Africa was among the fastest-growing parts of the world between 2001 and 2008, with average growth of 5.6 percent a year. While the commodity boom played a role, stable macroeconomic conditions coupled with structural reforms—including the privatization of state-owned enterprises and lowered barriers […]

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Southeast Asia

Via Mark Mobius’ blog, a detailed look at Southeast Asia: “…Southeast Asia, which comprises mainly of the 10 member countries in ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) and a few others, is an often overlooked region in Asia, as a result of being overshadowed by the Asian giants, China and India. The GDP of Southeast […]

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