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Asia Private Equity Funds Line Up Dollars For Myanmar

Courtesy of Emerging Frontiers blog, a report on efforts by Asia private equity funds to line up funds for Myanmar: Hong Kong’s Cube Capital and Marc Faber-backed Leopard Capital are among Asian private equity firms lining up nearly $500 million aimed at Myanmar, hoping to tap into its rich natural resources and fill its infrastructure […]

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India’s Strategy In Myanmar

Via STRATFOR (subscription required), a look at the growing importance of Myanmar in India’s struggle to secure and integrate the eastern periphery of the subcontinent more closely with its own national core. As India’s domestic energy and infrastructure demands grow, meeting them will require developing stronger ties with resource-rich neighbors, especially where other regional powers […]

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Decade Of The CIVETS?

Via Emerging Markets blog, a report on the CIVETS: The global bank HSBC, in its Business Without Borders newsletter, tells us that while the past decade was all about the BRIC countries – Brazil, Russia, India, China – we are now in the decade of what it has dubbed the CIVETS, which stands for Colombia, […]

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Out of (Which) Africa?

Via The Financial Times, an interesting look at Africa’s growth potential: Bono said it, Ban Ki-Moon said it, Thabo Mbeki said it: the 21st century will be the African century. But as funds single out investments in the continent and multinational companies battle for their share of the pie, a crucial question remains: which Africa are […]

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World’s ‘New Tigers’…Ready To Pounce?

Via MarketWatch, a report on emerging nations with the potential to reshape the global economy: As the big headliners for economic growth lose their appeal, the search for new stars has begun. The “New Tigers” of the world are nations that have flown below investors’ radar, but are most likely to stand out in the […]

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Via NPR, an interesting look at Mongolia: What country had the world’s fastest-growing economy last year? If you guessed China or India, you’d be wrong. In fact, it’s Mongolia: Its economy grew at more than 17 percent in 2011, according to estimates. That’s nearly twice as fast as China’s. The reason — in a word […]

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