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Cuba’s Oil: A New Frontier, Surrounded By Hopes And Doubts

Via the Times-Picayune, a look at Cuba’s hydrocarbon potential: One of the most prolific oil and gas basins on the planet sits just off Cuba’s northwest coast, and the thaw in relations with the United States is giving rise to hopes that Cuba can now get in on the action. It’s a prospect welcomed by […]

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Central Asia: Stuck Between A Sinking Russia And A Dominant China

Via Forbes, an interesting look at Central Asia’s geopolitical reality at present: Central Asia, stuck between Russia, the dominant power of yesterday, whose cultural influence in the region remains strong even as its economy implodes and its political clout increasingly plays second fiddle to China, and China, the dominant power of tomorrow, whose targeted economic […]

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U.S. Businesses Scout Opportunities In Cuba

Courtesy of the New York Times, a report on the spike in American business interest in Cuba: PepsiCo wants in. So do Caterpillar and Marriott International. Within hours of President Obama’s historic move to restore full diplomatic relations with Cuba, companies in the United States were weighing how to introduce their products and services to […]

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Cuba’s Economy At A Crossroads

Two interesting articles on Cuba’s economy.  The first, courtesy of the New York Times, offer this commentary:   In July 2007, while serving as acting president as his brother underwent medical treatment, Raúl Castro delivered a startling indictment of the Cuban economy when he railed about the inefficiencies of the dairy industry. His description of […]

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Internet Access In Cuba

Via Terra Daily, a report on internet access and use in Cuba: With their smartphones and tablet computers, they look much like young people anywhere in the world. But these Cubans have to go to extremes just to get an Internet connection and somehow get around the strict control of the Communist authorities. In the […]

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Reforming North Korea

Via Al Jazeera, an interesting article on how North Korea, at long last, may have decided to begin Chinese-style reforms: There is big news coming from North Korea recently, though it has gone largely unnoticed. Indeed, when North Korea is mentioned in the international media, it is usually because of the unending saga of the […]

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