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Fierce Demand is Leading Companies to Look for Tech Talent in Smaller Markets Like Bucharest and Hanoi

Courtesy of Quartz, a look at 20 “emerging markets” where companies are searching for tech talent: Despite more than 30,000 layoffs in the tech industry so far this year, some markets are actually seeing the demand for tech talent surpass supply, leading companies around the world to search for talent in smaller, “emerging markets,” according to a new report. […]

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Growth and Opportunity: Seizing the Moment in the Philippines

Via Global Legal Post, a look at economic potential in the Philippines: Emerging markets in Asia have long been a focal point for global investment and development, with their potential growth, structural reform and cultural exchange promising smoother pathways for overseas partnerships. While the largest economies in Asia dominate international news, they should not overshadow […]

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Annual FDI Standouts 2024 Watchlist: Namibia, Cambodia, Philippines, Iraq, Kenya, Azerbaijan, Serbia

A look at the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) momentum leaders in 2024, courtesy of fDiInsights  Annual FDI Standouts Watchlist. What does this mean for the everyday countries such as Cambodia, Philippines, Namibia, or Iraq? FDI or Foreign Direct Investment, is a critical economic indicator measuring international investment inflow. For #Namibia, for example, ranking 5th implies […]

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Philippine Economic Recovery in a Rebalancing World

Via East Asia Forum, commentary on the Philippines’ economic forecast: Philippine aspirations to hit upper-middle-income country status were derailed by the COVID-19 pandemic, but economic planners remain optimistic that this target can be achieved by 2025. If a new era of global political and economic rebalancing is taking place, there are clear internal challenges and […]

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Philippines’ $2.3 Billion Sovereign Wealth Fund Is Going Back To Basics

Via Forbes, a look at how the Philippines’ $2.3 billion Sovereign Wealth Fund is going back to basics, with plans to build economic pillars: Maharlika Investment Corp.—the Philippines’ newly created sovereign wealth fund—is going back to basics by investing in projects to help build the country’s economic pillars such as agriculture, energy, tourism and infrastructure. […]

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U.S.-China Rivalry Hits Home in this Philippine Province

Via Nikkei Asia, a report on how the U.S.-China rivalry hits home in the Philippines, specifically Cagayan where both sides make moves to bring both growth and security: This spring, after 47 years as a local politician, Manuel Mamba for the first time found himself at the center of a national firestorm. Mamba is governor […]

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