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China’s Largest Green Hydrogen Mega Project Hints at Vast Potential

Courtesy of Caixing Global, a report on a mega solar-to-hydrogen factory has been commissioned in China: A mega solar-to-hydrogen factory has been commissioned in China, marking a milestone for the country’s — and potentially the world’s — effort to produce more green hydrogen, a fuel seen as key for slashing global greenhouse gas emissions. The […]

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Russia and South Sudan: Exploring Opportunities for Bilateral Cooperation

Via Modern Diplomacy, a report on efforts between Russia and South Sudan to explore opportunties for bilateral investment and cooperation: Ultimately Russia has returned to Africa, this time not with ‘business as usual’ and rhetorics, but doubled actions to invigorate its relations after holding Sochi and St. Petersburg summits. As sealed in the summit declarations, […]

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India May Not Be The China Alternative Wall Street Thinks

Courtesy of The Asia Times, commentary that – despite the fact that India’s economy is growing faster than China’s – investors may be wise to take a second look before reallocating funds and factories to Delhi: Financial bookmarks can be very illuminating in assessing a market’s readiness for global primetime. Such is the case with […]

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Hungary’s Mission to Create Europe’s Battery Hub, Whatever the Cost

Courtesy of Bloomberg, a look at how Hungary is going all in to become one of the world’s biggest suppliers for EVs, and Viktor Orban won’t let anything get in the way: Next to fields of corn and sunflowers near the city of Debrecen in eastern Hungary, workers in hard hats pour concrete into the […]

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China Pushes ‘Pivot to South and Southeast Asia’ with Yunnan Province As Gateway to Vast Market

Via South China Morning Post, an article on China’s efforts have Yunnan Province pivot to South and Southeast Asia: National Development and Reform Commission pledges to support Yunnan with transport, logistics, energy and digital connection with southern neighbours China urged to seek ‘cooperation opportunities with emerging markets, including Southeast Asia, to offset its falling trade […]

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Millionaires are Packing for Namibia: The ‘Australia of Africa’ 

Via BizNewsTV, an interesting video report on Namibia, a country some are calling The ‘Australia of Africa’: In Namibia, there are only three people per square kilometre, the top income tax rate is 37%, citizens pay no capital gains tax, and there is no estate duty to be paid. Added to this low population density […]

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