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China’s Making Tracks In Southeast Asia

Courtesy of The Economist, an interesting article on China’s renewed push to lay tracks to mainland South-East Asia: THE rapid expansion of its high-speed railways has got China plenty of attention. Yet ambitions do not stop at the border. On its southern flank China is renewing a push to lay tracks to mainland South-East Asia. […]

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Via Edge Perspectives, an interesting look at LUSTI nations (Lebanon, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Tunisia and Israel), nations that – in the evolving global business landscape – the article believes will thrive as small countries and urban spikes becoming the focus of economic value creation and large national governments become increasingly marginalized.  As the report […]

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Cambodian Resistance To Chinese Investment?

Courtesy of the China Law blog, an interesting second look at China’s economic relationship with, and influence on, Cambodia.  As this article notes, there is some resistance to Chinese investment that is starting to emerge: “…I commented [earlier] on the rumors of extensive investment by China into Cambodia. The rumor at that time was that […]

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Bargain Basement Burma

Via The Guardian, a look at Burma’s upcoming privatization plan in which up to 90% of Burma’s state-owned industry will be transferred to the private sector and the likely “winners” therein.  As the article notes: “…As an “official” parliament will sit on 31 January for the first time since Burma’s original dictator, Ne Win, abolished […]

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Mongolia: The World’s Best Performing Stock Market in 2010

Courtesy of The Financial Times, a report on the Mongolian stock exchange: “…The world’s best-performing stock market last year was, of course, in an emerging economy. But rather than a steel-and-glass tower rising above a heaving megalopolis, it was in a cheerful pink former children’s cinema in Ulan Bator. This is the Mongolian Stock Exchange, […]

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Colombia: From Violence and Drugs To Returns?

Via Nick Vardy, an interesting look at Colombia: When you hear the name “Colombia,” two other words probably spring to mind: “violence” and “drugs.” Indeed, for most investors, it’s hard to imagine Colombia as anything but a “Scarface”- style narco state. Yet, this popular image of Colombia does not do the country justice for the […]

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