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Big Oil = Dinosaurs at the Tar Pit?

As we’ve discussed before, Big Oil is quickly losing its historical global primacy to state-owned oil and natural gas companies in Russia, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia and elsewhere, i.e. the New Seven Sisters.  Two recent articles provide recent examples of this transition.  In the first, Steve LeVine examines Exxon’s view that resource nationalism will moderate as […]

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Venezuela’s Regional Geopolitics of Oil & The Unsustainability of Petrocaribe

Several articles have recently been tracking Venezuela’s increasing efforts to utilize its energy reserves & expertise to influence politics in Latin America. As Energy Daily points out, Venezuela is helping a Soviet-era oil refinery in Cuba get back online. As the report notes: “…Chavez is an ardent supporter of improving Cuba’s oil-producing capacity in light […]

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Russia’s Energy Secret and The Chinese Threat

A very interesting article in Newsweek, which details that – despite its aggressive energy-related dealings – Russia can barely meet its own demand.  While reading this report, I can’t help but think of the Cold War years in which Russia (and other states for that matter) aggressively portrayed & projected its strength internationally, while the […]

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Serbia: Russia’s Strategic European Petroleum Beachhead?

Via a report by UPI, Russia has offered Serbia $1.5 billion for control of its oil industry and additional deals related to a gas pipeline and a gas underground storage. The deal would give Russia full control of Serbia’s gas and oil markets. I find this of interest in that it would give Russia a […]

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Gazprom’s Interest in Bolivia

The Financial Times recently reported that Gazprom is considering a $2bn gas investment in production capacity in Bolivia which has vast gas reserves, second only to Venezuela in Latin America. As the article notes: “…An official from the Bolivian hydrocarbons ministry confirmed the Gazprom deal with YPFB (Yacimientos Petrolíferos Fiscales Bolivianos), the Bolivian state energy […]

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Dubai’s Debt Cloud – Shifting Sands?

With all the bullish news about Dubai these days, it was refreshing to see The Wall Street Journal’s analysis of the city-state’s recent spending spree and the debt that it is accumulating.  While the article focuses on transparency versus magnitude of debt as the main issue, it brings up an important point that should be […]

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