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Economic Cooperation Between Indonesia & East-Timor: The Dilemmas Behind Strategic Decision

Via Modern Diplomacy, commentary on the potential for economic cooperation between Indonesia and Timor Leste: The highlight in ASEAN news for the past few weeks, Indonesia has agreed that East-Timor will be included in the ASEAN agenda for 2023, which Indonesia will be the Chairmanship for this year. However, there are still some polemics among […]

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Timor-Leste’s Track Back To Normality

Via Eurasia Review, analysis of Timor Leste’s near term prospects: In the past few years, everyday life in Timor-Leste has been disrupted by the multiple effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Conditions were imposed on the exercise of public liberties, the composition of government and the dynamics of political life were challenged, economic performance weakened and […]

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Timor Leste Says China Could Fund Major Pipeline Project

Via Oil and Gas Daily, a report that China could help fund a major pipeline project in Timor Leste: East Timor leader Jose Ramos-Horta on Wednesday said China could help fund a vast fossil fuel project seen as crucial to the nation’s economic future, dismissing Western concerns over Beijing’s growing influence. Speaking to reporters after […]

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Timor-Leste Denied Entry to ASEAN – For Now

Via The Diplomat, a report that Timor-Leste’s ASEAN ambitions have been postponed until next year: Expectations that Timor-Leste would be shepherded into the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) this year by Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen have been formally dashed amid concerns the tiny country is not ready for membership in the bloc. Hun […]

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China-Timor Leste To Boost Trade & Investment Cooperation

Via Silk Road Briefing, an article on trade relations between China and Timor Leste: China’s Foreign Minister, Wang Yi has been visiting the South Pacific Islands, with Papua New Guinea and Timor Leste in East Asia being the last stops on this regional trip. Following concerns about a proposed Chinese security presence in the region, discussions have concentrated […]

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Timor-Leste: Stormy Economic Waters Ahead

Via The Interpreter, a look at Timor Leste’s economic future: This week, Timor-Leste will celebrate its 20th anniversary as an independent nation and inaugurate Jose Ramos-Horta as its new president. Since re-gaining independence in 2002, the world’s third-youngest nation has built a functioning state and vibrant democracy from near-scratch amid trials and tribulations that would challenge any nation. Timor-Leste […]

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Focusing primarily on The New Seven Sisters - the largely state owned petroleum companies from the emerging world that have become key players in the oil & gas industry as identified by Carola Hoyos, Chief Energy Correspondent for The Financial Times - but spanning other nascent opportunities around the globe that may hold potential in the years ahead, Wildcats & Black Sheep is a place for the adventurous to contemplate & evaluate the emerging markets of tomorrow.