Provincial China: Growing Up

Via The Emerging Markets Insight blog, a detailed look at forecasted GDP growth rates for provincial China:

China’s underground financial market has grown at an exponential rate to meet demand from credit-hungry small & medium enterprises. Unlicensed loan companies have mushroomed across the country with a high concentration in the Yangtze and Pearl Delta areas, home to many small and medium-sized private Chinese companies

  • Chongqing: A government mandate to develop the auto and electronic information industries will help support robust export growth in Chongqing
  • Fujian: A new regulation governing judges’ behavior should help to reduce corruption in Fujian and aid in the development of its legal system
  • Guangdong: A renewed focus on partnership with Hong Kong will benefit companies looking to expand operations in Guangdong
  • Henan: In an effort to effectively compete with other provinces in attracting multinationals, Henan is giving special attention to FDI
  • Hubei: Presence of multinational financial companies will increase Hubei’s appeal to MNCs due to increasing financing options
  • Hunan: Hunan’s infrastructure expansion will drive the growth of the province’s import and export businesses
  • Jiangsu: Government focus on modernizing production for energy and process efficiency will require MNCs to evaluate their current operations
  • Jiangxi: Jiangxi’s economy will benefit from continued growth in the metals industry and the government’s new focus on the high-tech sector
  • Liaoning: Continued strong growth in Liaoning’s software and services sector will create opportunities for companies in the technology industry
  • Shandong: State-owned energy companies have major investment plans in Shandong due to abundant natural resources and local government support
  • Sichuan: Industrial companies are increasingly using Sichuan as a major manufacturing base to produce for the West China market
  • Tianjin: Tianjin’s shift towards higher value added industries will create opportunities for aerospace, biotechnology, and information technology companies
  • Zhejiang: Power shortage, increase of input cost, and high cost of borrowing have created enormous pressure on SMEs in Zhejiang

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